all neuroses, all the time

Friday, May 11

well i'm done. no more finals. over. finished. etc.

up until 4 last night, must go to sleep.

good night.

(first i will bid on some unnecessary devo merchandise over at ebay. i will dream of energy dome lapel pins and dutch picture sleeves... ah......)

Thursday, May 10

right now i am working on the last little bits of my finals- i have one thing left, i have put it off until the last minute, and of course i am now burning the midnight oil.


ah well, tomorrow is it, for a month or so- and my classes this summer are E-Z. i'm on a mission, you know. get the hell out of school, at whatever the cost.

which hovers around $30,000 right now, give or take a thousand.


okay, back to the books.

one last thing: i'm having an allergic reaction to some antibiotic right now. if i die of shock or something, it was nice to know you all.

oh wait: nobody reads this.



Wednesday, May 9

so i am simultaneously trying to:

a) be interesting, and post it
b) teach myself some html to make this thing not look so shitty
c) make peace with the fact that i may never be famous

first two seem very do-able.

...three months later...

okay, okay, okay.

i was never any good at diaries; i mean, i would start with grand intentions and write sporadically until my interest (and entries) dwindled down and disappeared.

well, i'm back. sort of. i have to make myself do this. i want to do this. i will do this.

i hope.

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