all neuroses, all the time

Saturday, June 30

hello, hello.

well, it is saturday night, we had a great show tonight, and i am bushed. i had thought that maybe we might go out tonight... but, no.
i'm too tired, and we have a matinee tomorrow. tra la, tra la, a life in the thea-tuh.

i have decided, if only because i can't ever think of anything interesting to post here and nothing terribly exciting happens to me day to day, that perhaps i will just use this blog to tell my life story. do i leave in the juicy bits? i don't think it matters, actually. i doubt anyone actually reads this thing anyway.

hmmm. therapy. i guess.

more later- i'll start at the very beginning- a very nice place to start... (thanks julie!)

Friday, June 29

er.. is this thing on?

so, i'm doing a show at school, of course it is the loud-mouth father part- jeez, you enter your 30's and suddenly you're retirement bound. ah well, i got a good write-up in the paper, and we did some t.v. stuff that put me on the news for about 2.5 seconds. all i care about is asses in seats. asses in seats. asses in seats.

i'm doing the costumes, too- and what a surprise this all has been- it really is true, homos have natural affinities for: doing hair; arranging furniture and flowers; sewing clothes from scratch. and i'm all about being tres faggy, oui?


i went to a very "austin" evening at a dyke coffee bar (and i say that with affection, ladies) where i heard a persian guy sing with a rhythm section; and you know how those tablas and conga drums get those patchouli-wearing shaved head no bra girls going. all in all, a fine evening post-show. we had a great audience for the most part- full of kids that giggled at the dirty bits.

as it should be.

well, i'm going to post more so that david sim will think i am cool. it's just that important to me.

nighty night!

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