all neuroses, all the time

Tuesday, August 20

well, it's no secret that i hate to fly. and so, on the eve of my flight home, i shall tell you all now that just in case something horrific happens i loved you all in my own self-absorbed way. i hate to be so neurotic about this, but humor me. i just hate to fly.

i'm typing this from the victorian splendor of chez leather egg in lovely lowell, mass. ron and marlin have been gracious and giving and fun, i just wish i could spend more time here and in the boston area. this trip was fast and furious, and there's still scads to do. ah well, another time.

new york was great too, but hot as hell. i had hoped to see some area bloggers, but it was not to be: i was running here and there, trying to fit in so many people and failing miserably. plus i was recording a demo cd of my original music out at a friend's studio in brooklyn, so i was all caught up in a timeless limbo that kept me up late and rarely out of bed early. what a life you new yorkers lead. staying out till all hours, drinking and sexing! i loved it.

the trip to new jersey, in the ryder truck, is a nightmare story all it's own. more on this later. it involved a hooker motel, a visit from the police, and baked beans. ugh. what a mess.

okey-dokey. i've got to do some laundry before going to bed, and i've got more visiting to do.

besides, i still haven't seen the actual "leather egg," so hopefully that is in the cards. and no, i don't think that is what the leather egg is, guttermind!

but maybe...???

hell, it's been ages since i've seen some boy parts, so bring 'em on!


Friday, August 9

funny how badly i want to leave here, and yet how sad it is. yesterday at a get together i was hit by a wave of longing; i sat there on that cabin porch and felt the cool breeze blow in from the mountains, heard the laughing and talking of the company members playing uno and swaying in the hammocks, smelled the hotdogs cooking on the grill, and all of this while i enjoyed some boozy frozen concoction we drunkenly created when a blender was found... and i thought:

"what a perfect day. what an absolutely perfect day."

i turned my head so nobody could see the single tear that welled up and dropped down my cheek.

this old heart still has life yet. who knew?

Thursday, August 8

well, i'm almost outta here!

i leave monday for nyc, and i'll stay there through saturday: hey bloggers, let's go out drinking!

or perhaps you would like to meet me at MoMA or something. i'll be all artsy fartsy this trip, as i don't care about the empire state building etc. etc. etc. because i've done all that already. sadly, the one thing i never did is go to the top of the wtc. i thought of this last night and teared up. it never stops hurting, i guess.

um. what else.

oh, i'll take the train to boston that next saturday to spend a few days with ron and then i'll jet out the following tuesday. whoopee! a whirlwind of activity, and on no money to boot! i could have saved a little money here in west virginia, but alas. there's not much else to do but get drunk or buy a cell phone. i did both.

"my fair lady" went startlingly well, the costumes were fab, we worked our asses off, etc. etc. "music man" was a bumpy ride: over 130 costumes and 38 people in the show. that's a fuck-load, as they say. i don't regret a thing about this summer stock experience, and i've already been asked back for next year. i'll design more i think, but at least now i have "costume shop manager" on my resume, which makes me just that much more hireable. we'll see.

i'm working on a musical, an operetta actually, about lizzie borden. i know, there is already a big opera that exists. but my project involves the cult of celebrity, with obvious parallels to modern day star-fucking. all to a string quartet! if it sounds a little snooty and avant garde, well, good. it's about time for me to start pursuing my art with the fervor that i go to mcdonald's or burn cdr's. i mean, wasted talent, and all that.

see you!


Thursday, August 1

so of course "goldmember" is stupid, and it's probably the stupidest of the three austin powers movies... but there are still some funny bits, and yes, you've heard right: the opening 10 mintues are the best of all.

all in all, a loose (and i mean loose) bunch of improv bits strung together into some vague semblance of story and plot. um, i guess.

and goldmember, as a villain, was just plain weak. rarely funny, and existing only to provide the pun for the title of the movie. i still think "austinpussy" was the better choice. but what do i know?

i'm in the home stretch here in w.v... can't wait to get the frick out of here!

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