all neuroses, all the time

Wednesday, September 11

cried yet?

my god.

what a year.

Monday, September 9


and so the end of my 4 month trek is over...

i'm worn out. i'm tired. more later.

back soon

Tuesday, September 3

a quick note to let you know:

i'm still not home. i'm in dallas, helping my mother get her new house in order and painted. i also want to be sure she is situated and not too lonely, and so i'm smothering a bit, maybe. maybe not. at any rate, i'm here and not home in austin.

today is the first day i've been able to check my email, and read blogs, and catch up in a long long time (weeks). troubled diva (look for link at left) blogged about this recently; how blogger return from long trips and stop blogging for a while... (p.s. i'm too lazy to do the linkage, you'll have to work for it). i'm also starting to fall out of love with the whole blogging phenom, but it has more to do with being in a place of transition and not being able to share much of interest than with a particular blogger or incident. it's nobody, it's just me.

don't de-link yet, though: i'll be back soon enough. i've got to get home and get a job and pay some bills first. i'm kind of fucked in that respect, and it's all i can think of...

and yes ron i got home (well, "home-esque") okay, and thanks again. and aldo, it's coming, thanks for the address.

more later

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