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Sunday, June 22

scratch and sniff

lately i'm getting a fair amount of traffic from a somewhat tacky website about armpits.

now, i don't have an armpit stink thing, haven't mentioned a fetish for one, and, truth be told, prefer my men to be soaped up and cleaned off before i go licking on them. i know there are lots of guys out there that prefer a salty stinky skanky man smell, but i can't stand it. ugh, crotch smell. disgusting. ass smell. even worse. armpits? well, i've smelled some bad ones, and they are not too high on my list either.

which makes the recent visits from that armpit site so odd; i was only recounting some sassy hollywood-style gossip, heard (as all good gossip is) from a third or fourth party. i don't especially like to be quoted on something so silly and petty, and yet the facts speak for themselves: ethan hawke reeks.

but i can't imagine anybody that sees that last statement as jack-offable would find anything worthwhile to slobber over here at chez moi. well, different strokes, i guess. wack away, stink lovers!

p.s. matthew mccon... macconna...maconah... oh, fuck it. you know who. he stinks too!

Wednesday, June 18


Tuesday, June 17

exclusive brucehoax music to the left!


okay. where was i?

oh yeah: the show ended, i opened a show that i designed in may which i took because it was the chance to work with a nationally known director. the experience was challenging, as i didn't end up designing much of anything, just putting out there what he wanted. sometimes the best design is just keeping your trap shut and furthering your career.

i took in work here and there, made costumes for a ballet folklorico thing, a jamaican thing, a mexican dance thing. and then i signed on for a month of teaching design to a bunch of rich kids at the swanky uptown theater. i am hoping, again, that this furthers my career. the kids, on the whole, are great. some real little shits though too. brilliant little shits, but tedious nonetheless.

i go to west virginia, like i did last summer, to manage a costume shop until mid-august. and then i come back to my new home and try and get a good job doing what i do. or maybe i'll be a temp, an office worker, a convenience store clerk. there's no money for the arts, we're always the first to go in hard times. fuck culture if you can't pay your car note, yeah?

i missed you guys, but enjoyed the break. this blog became a chore, and it was a chore to read.

i'll be working on that.


Monday, June 16

oh. my. garsh.

one day turned to two, two turned to 6, 6 turned to 18. one month flew by. two. three. four.


i can't blame you all, actually. i'd do it too, and have. where to begin, where to begin...

um, in february i packed everything up and moved to dallas. the ride in the u-haul was harrowing. when we got here 4 hours later it was night time and all the friends that had said they would help when we got to dallas around 5 p.m. were out and drunk by 9 p.m. (which was when we finally pulled in to town). it started to lightly rain. i smashed all sorts of things with the uhaul, and broke stuff inside it to boot. at one point i started crying. oh the exhaustion-provoked drama. at midnight we were done. i hate moving.

it took weeks to get the apartment in order, but we did it. and what a cute place, built in the late forties for the post-war boom, they are two story and huge and have wood floors and are in the middle of town and at a good price. we like are place.

i immediately started work on a show, acting this time, and rehearsed almost every night until we opened in april. it was a hit, people loved it, and i had the odd encounter or two with people who recognized me and told me they like the show. like a star, but real low level brightness. dim, actually.

ooh, gotta go. more later. we're eating out tonight. not each other. at a restaurant, silly.

Friday, June 13


where am i? who are you? i had the most interesting dream...

let me tell you all about it.

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