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Sunday, July 20

try to tear me down

i just received an email from the founders of the theater collective i belong to, and guess what? it's going to be a p.r.-filled couple of months. we will have stories about us and our endeavors (hey! that's the name of the ensemble!) in upcoming issues of "texas monthly" and "d" magazine, two reputable texas mags; coverage on local t.v., and stories in the local weekly about our quest for our own performance space and our upcoming season.

we caused a minor scandal in april with our show "extreme acts" because one of the producers was hauled off to the clink for a t.a.b.c. violation during the performance, tipped off by a neighborhood watchdog that was looking for a reason to shut us down... really, our gal had nothing to do with it, but someone had to go and she offered to sit in the slammer. the show, by the way, was a big hit; and yours truly found himself singing and dancing in a vaudeville style revue that was at times racy and most times raunchy.

anyway. i'm lucky to be involved; most of us all went to college together a million years ago, and my moving back to dallas made me available to reconnect with old friends and associates. it's paying off, i'm cast in our next show, "artificial jungle." it's a noir-ish neo-absurdist play by charles ludlam, and in grand ludlam tradition i will play a woman. an old woman. the grandmother who figures out who killed whom and why. it's a trip.

i'm designing a production of hedwig too, i think the first in dallas. that's a big deal, and i'm doing it with a ritzy theater group that i've worked with a few times before. i get a lot of repeat employment- i never burn bridges, even when i really want to. otherwise, the state of west virginia would be ON FIRE.

all of this happens within the week of my return home. i'll be busy.

oh, and i may be coming to new york city for a few days after all, the second week of august! more on this later. i expect some monkey lovin' regardless; you hairy dark-haired chunky jewish types have officially been warned.


Wednesday, July 16

nothing much to post, really; i'm checking in to say howdy do.

here at the hillbilly summer stock we close one show and open another, close and open, close and open, like a hooker on a sweaty night. speaking of which: the weather here up in the mountains of west virginia is cool and breezy and it rains two or three times a week... nothing like back home in hot in hades texas. i can only imagine how hot and muggy it is in dallas, and thank g_d that i'm not there stuck in traffic on central expwy with my air-con on the fritz. which it is. the natives here don't understand my absolute loathing of leaving doors and windows open, as it's "such a nice day out." growing up i never knew "a nice day out." only fucking broiling hot. i prefer all doors and windows sealed shut, with the thermostat turned down to about 70. damn the electric bill! damn the environment! i can't stand to have to be damp and moist. (insert dirty comeback here).

today was my first bonafide day off, and i took advantage of the excellent public transport here and went downtown to people watch and walk around. didn't buy anything, but saw plenty of things i wanted to get. now i'm in the computer room, updating the blog, and simultaneously doing my laundry.

it is, as sheila e. put it, a glamorous life.


Thursday, July 10

west virginia, mountain mama

as some of you may recall i spent my summer in lovely and tooth-challenged west virginia last year... well, i'm back here again. managing a costume shop for the summer, and working my ass off. oh wait, i had no ass to begin with. okay, working my man-tits off. as cathy would say, "ack."

nothing much to report, you know the drill: theater people are drama queens (literally), there's no money in theater right now, i'm living in a cinderblock dorm room, etc. etc. etc. i'm already counting the days: 31 to go. ho hum. ho hum.

all we do is work and drink. work and drink. even on my one day off i work. and then go drink. there is a surprisingly good gay bar here in morgantown, and the d.j. remembered me from last year ("you were the one that always wanted to hear 'hella good'!") and i'm going to burn him a cdr of various odds and sods that i think the hillbilly homos need to know here. "emerge" by fischerspooner, "walking on thin ice" by psb and yoko ono, "comfortably numb" by scissor sisters, etc. etc.

hey! go buy the new dead or alive greatest hits package, it's their first ever, and packed with loads of great remixes and single versions. and pete needs more money for his labial augmentation. go see. and be terrified. i love him though, in a freakshow sort of way.

nothing much else to report. hope your summer if fun and full of good friends. mine is... not.


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